What will it cost?

When you join Dunstable Sub Aqua club your membership consists of three parts:

1.   Membership of the British Sub Aqua Club

For the latest BSAC National Subscription costs please look at their membership rates page.


Divers in silhouette

2.   Membership of the Branch

Dunstable Sub Aqua Club subscriptions consist of:

  • New member administration fee £50
  • Diving annual membership (Paid in full) £156
  • Diving monthly membership (by Direct Debit, Sports Diver and above) £13 pcm
  • Diving monthly membership (by Direct Debit, trainee and Ocean diver) £16 pcm

3.   A charge to cover basic training

This is primarily to cover wear and tear on equipment and cost of air fills.

To reach Ocean Diver qualification (18 metres) £100

From Ocean to Sport Diver qualification (35 metres) it can cost up to £80 depending on where the Ocean Diver training has been done

All pool training is with our equipment and includes the cost of air.

For full costs of membership the Membership Secretary will be able to provide a breakdown, what is included and how to pay.