Dunstable Sub-Aqua Club Committee

Duncan Wardrop
Diving Officer

I started diving in 1980 and joined Dunstable Sub-Aqua Club in 1982. I hold Advanced Diver, Advanced Instructor, HSE Part IV (Restricted), Diver Cox’n and various other qualifications and endorsements that the BSAC enable you to gain along the way. Although not active in open water in the last few years I have dived all around the UK and in Tenerife, Malta, Australia, Iceland, Jersey and Isle of Man. In addition to the usual wreck and reef diving I have enjoyed the slightly unusual activities such as roped diver and underwater searches, diving with sharks in an aquarium, surface fed dives in pools and lakes, and pot dives.

I enjoy training and enabling other divers to become the all-round competent divers that BSAC qualifications lead to, from boat handling to site finding to the diving itself and dealing with unforeseen events along the way. I will always encourage and support trainee instructors and help them to use their skills when there is sufficient demand within the club.

The Branch have elected me as Diving Officer 3 times previously and I count it a privilege to be amongst the ranks of those Dunstable officers past and present.

Phil Cannings

I have been a member of DSAC for approaching ten years and have been the club chairman for the past two years.

My first experiences with scuba diving started with a professional search and recovery dive team in back in 1980, plenty of cold lakes, canals, zero visibility and the recovery of unsavoury things.

Since then my diving career has gone full circle from UK cold water diver, through warm water holiday diver, and eventually back to a mix of both cold water and warm water diver again.

I am now retired, and following my interests in marine ecology and maritime archaeology and dive year round in both the UK and the Eastern Mediterranean where I am fortunate enough to be able to regularly dive several archaeological sites that are 2-3,000 years old.

I’m currently certified as a BSAC Advanced Diver, CMAS three star diver and am an open water instructor with both BSAC and with the Russian Scientific Diving Federation. 

I try to dive as often as opportunities allow.

Dunstable BSAC is a friendly club, and I enjoy nothing more than seeing divers develop themselves through the club whilst having fun in a safe and nurturing environment.

Tim Martin

I started diving in 1997, like many divers I was on a family holiday and Padi were offering courses in my hotel. After a few years of holiday diving I decided that I would like to get more from the sport. Returning from a holiday in Malaysia I looked up my local club, which was Dunstable, affiliated to the British Sub Aqua Club. This was a turning point for me as with the excellent training to Dive Leader level and numerous trips my diving went from strength to strength. I have dived all around the UK and some of the top overseas sites with the club and enjoyed the company of many like minded friends

Greg Ashworth
Equipment Officer

I joined Dunstable SAC in 2006 and was hooked on diving from my first pool session! I enjoy UK diving all year round wether it's a wreck dive off the south coast or a training session at an inland site, although going abroad for some warm clear water makes a nice change... 

DSAC is a friendly club, we pride ourselves on making new members feel welcome whether you're a qualified diver or an absolute beginner - see you at the pool for a try dive.

Ally Gallashan
Secretary / Membership Secretary
I started diving with BSAC and my sisters many years ago. Originally with the Kitwe (Zambia) branch, then with Kirkintilloch (Scotland) branch and ending up at Dunstable. Along the way I also managed to do some diving with TURG (South Africa). There are many diving highlights but the most important aspect has always been the people. Come along and meet the characters at Dunstable Sub Aqua Club.
Ian Williams
Welfare & Safeguarding Officer

I have been a BSAC member since I was 15 years old, qualifying as a BSAC ‘3rd class’ diver in 1982, when I was privileged to be asked by the Princes Trust to dive on the Mary Rose Tudor ship before it was recovered from the Solent. I have a wealth of experience diving around the UK and abroad, especially in Northern Cyprus – where I have a holiday home. I would recommend diving as a hobby to anyone. You meet great people and visit wonderful places. Dunstable Sub Aqua club, is a friendly club – with fantastic facilities including use of a pool and a club boat. I look forward to meeting you.

James Hodge
Boat Officer
I am a fairly recent member to Dunstable SAC, Joining in 2014. Previous to this I had no diving experience, but I have always had a love for the sea. Since joining the club I have enjoyed varied diving across the UK, from shallow Pier dives exploring wildlife, and interacting with Seals. To fast drift dives, and deep wrecks. But its not necessarily all about diving. I have made some great friends since joining the club, and we enjoy an active social life in, and outside of diving. With the aid of my buddies I am currently completing my Dive Leader qualification, and plan to take my first instructor course very soon.