About Us

Dunstable Sub-Aqua Club was founded in 1976 and currently has about 40 members who regularly dive around UK and abroad. Our diving calendar always has something to offer with either hard boat trips or the club RIB. Places that we regularly go to include the south coast, Stoney Cove and also over to the Isle of Wight. Each year longer trips are planned which in the past has included Scotland, Iceland, the Mediterranean, the Maldives and Truk Lagoon.

We are a friendly bunch and our door is always open to both new and experienced divers who would like to train and/or dive with us. If you are new to diving, then training via a club is the easiest, cheapest and friendliest way to learn. Most of our current members and instructors began their diving with a try-dive session at the club before starting on the first formal course, Ocean Diver or took a PADI course on holiday and have since crossed over to BSAC.

All scuba diving lessons and additional training is with British Sub-Aqua Club qualified instructors and is in accordance with nationally assessed BSAC standards. Through the club, BSAC provides internationally recognised qualifications which can be used anywhere in the world.

In addition to our members, the club owns a Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat, which we use, as much as possible during the year and various scuba equipment. Using the club’s own equipment, means that divers new to sport don’t have to invest in a large amount of expensive kit before they can learn.